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CatTube Famous

CatTube Famous is a card game where you release cat videos and become the next CatTube celebrity! See the trends, release videos, get viewers, be famous!

We did a Kickstarter in mid-2015.


CatTube Famous is:

  • Card game
  • Competitive
  • Bluffing elements
  • 2 - 6 players (3+ recommended)
  • Combine decks for more players
  • Ages 10+ (basic math required)
  • 15-30 min games
  • Contains 40 video cards, 30 trend cards and 2 rules cards

The game is developed by Josh Harvey and Liam Alkamraikhi.

Buy in-store

CatTube Famous is available to purchase in the following retail stores:

Buy online

To purchase a copy of CatTube Famous online, please email Josh Harvey.